Top 10 Classroom Jobs

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While I know there are hundreds of jobs that can be created for a classroom, I've decided to narrow my list down to the top 10 that worked best for me and my kids. Some of these could be split between more than one child, so if you are looking to make your own set ... this may just be what you need.

Why not? Do you just LOVE taking time to put library books away in your "spare time"? Or do you just love the feel of holding 20 pencils in the sharpener for 20 minutes? I didn't think so.

While training kids HOW to accomplish their in-class job well may take some time and patience. In the long run, it. is. worth. it.

This is really up to you. I've done everything from printing out a page with the class roster and writing the jobs beside the names to making my own 'cutesy' job chart for my classroom display. 
Classroom Occupations

It's really up to you how you want to display it.

These are the people that are in our school EVERYDAY making it comfortable for our kids. Why not salute them?

Expectations: (Usually 2-3 kids who could stay after school for a few moments)
  • Wipe down desktops.
  • Straighten chairs
  • Sweep floors
I always had 2 - Girl and Boy - who would "monitor" bathroom time. This worked great since my class did NOT have a classroom bathroom and had to go together a few times a day.

Expectations: (1 boy and 1 girl)
  • Make sure the students are not playing in the bathroom
  • Make sure all students who go into the bathroom wash their hands with soap/water
  • Make sure all paper towels make it into the trashcans properly
This person was located in the hallway, making sure all procedures are followed by the students. They were supposed to be the example of good behavior

Expectations: (1-2 students)
  • Make sure students are following expectations of the hallway
  • Using quiz cards to help students review skills while they wait (why waste time, right?)
These students were to maintain the library books, the book nooks, and book boxes.

Expectations: (Usually 2 kids)
  • Place library books back on the shelves based on the organization method
  • Straighten books on shelves
  • Straighten pillows and reading area
  • Turn in any books that needed fixing to the teacher
This student worked with the teacher during fund-raisers, field trips, parent visitors, and the like.

Expectations: (1 student)
  • Helped pass/collect forms
  • Kept a log of who still needed form/payment/chaperones (using a checklist)
  • Helped make sure there were enough seats when visitors arrive
This student updated all of the information on the board and posted "news" on the board and in folders.

Expectations: (1 student)
  • Updated the date on the board daily
  • Made sure weekly newsletters were placed in take-home folders
  • Posted field trip/event information on the door to the classroom
These student(s) worked with the teacher near the end of each week/day.

Expectations: (Usually 1-2 students)
  • Sorted graded papers (throughout the week) into mailboxes
  • Stuffed take-home folders with all papers at the end of the week.
This student made sure all of the lunch boxes traveled to the cafeteria each day.

*We had "SPECIALS" each day followed by lunch with VERY LITTLE time in between. I added this because it was essential to us being on time for lunch. I brought a laundry basket from home to collect the lunches in the morning.

Expectations: (1 student)
  • Carry all of the lunch boxes to the cafeteria
This student MONITORED "Magic Trash" time in our room each day.

*WHAT IS MAGIC TRASH? It's a life-changing game. Basically, you look around the room and find 1 item and 1 piece of trash. You tell the students you've found it. GO! The kids scatter picking up the trash and the items. Trash, obviously, goes into the trashcan. The items go in a smaller container to be put back where they go later. When YOU are satisfied with the "tidiness" of your room, you call everyone back to their seats. Tell which child picked up the magic trash and which child picked up the magic item. They get a reward. Done.

Expectations: (1 student)
  • Picks out the trash piece
  • Picks out the item piece
  • Brings the trashcan to a central location
  • Pulls out the smaller container for items
  • Monitors to see who throws the "magic trash" away
  • Monitors to see who returns the "magic item"
This student is the "mini-me" of the classroom

Expectations: (Usually 1-2 students)
  • Straighten/organize ungraded papers into sets
  • Taking messages/paperwork to the front office
  • Monitoring the room if the teacher is in the hallway
  • Sort papers in numeric order for the POSTAL WORKERS
  • Erase chalk/white boards
  • Help the teacher
  • Chose the line-leader based on watched behavior

While I know that this list is short, it was essential for my sanity in the classroom. 

What jobs do your kids have that you think needs to be added to this list? Drop it in the comments to help out the teachers who read this post!

May your kids be calm and your coffee strong!

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