2:36 PM

If you've followed me at all on Instagram, you know that I believe in working smarter, not harder. Kids don't need the fancy stuff to learn. They need as many opportunities to get their hands on learning whether it be with sensory bin or math pieces. However, when you DO want to make things "fancy" please remember it won't last forever, so don't over do it.

Before this who COVID-19 thing, I ran to the dollar tree with my mom and I found these little gold coins. I had planned to through them into a sensory bin, but then thought, "how can I get more out of these coins without ruining them?" 

I wanted to add letters to them, but knew that dry-erase wasn't permanent enough for my littles. Permanent marker was too so. I also knew I wanted to use these coins more than once ...

Avery labels to the rescue. They are colorful which is always fun and they are easily replaced if needed.

You're welcome.


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