1:09 PM

Thank you, TARGET! I've had these links for years, but never had much of a desire to use them. However, I was recently inspired to pull these little manipulatives out.

There are TONS of uses for these little guys, but I'll just leave it at one today. I connected different quantities of links. It doesn't matter which color, although you could have your little build them him/herself.

I handed these to my 5yo in a bowl. My little man pulled them out one section at a time. He would tell me which one was longer/shorter. We discussed making a chart from smallest/least to longest/greatest. The above image is what it looked like when we finished.

This was our introduction to measurement and greater/less than. This will be revisited in the future as scaffolding.

If you would like, repeat the activity a few times! My little man did it four times and rocked it! This is PERFECT if you need a moment to load the dishwasher 😉

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