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I've found that you need to focus your purpose of each activity to specific skills. I try to not overload my littles with too much writing. I want them to ENJOY it, so I don't force too much each day. Instead I find ways to have them work with the alphabet with different mediums.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

I found these shimmering, scented, WASHABLE paint daubers on Amazon. Granted, they are a little pricey. However, I've had them for the better part of a year and they are still going strong.

Anyways, next I add activities. This one (Above) is from Teachers Pay Teachers. I'm a seller, but I don't make all my things. Instead, I look to help other small businesses and be frugal. This set was on sale at one point for $1! Sooooo, I scooped it up and saved it until now! Keep an eye out for sales like this on TpT!

There are two levels (perfect for my 3yo & 5yo). We complete a couple of pages per day. It's simple, but rigorous for discriminating letters.

Let me know how it goes for you and your little by using #ForTheTeacherTpT

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