10:24 AM

Sensory bins have become a HUGE thing in my home. My little man (just turned 5) and my 2 (almost 3) year old needed something new in our bin. We've worked with kinetic sand, oatmeal, shredded paper, and beans. I HATE making more work for myself, so I hadn't made rainbow rice since I was in the classroom for a project. I also knew I couldn't use the recipe I had since it wasn't edible. (I have an almost 1-year-old who eats EV.RY.THING.)
I went on a hunt and found this recipe ... y'all. It took MAYBE 10minutes to create this!


  1. Fill all of the bags with how much rice you want.
  2. Pour in about .5tbsp of vinegar in each bag of rice.
  3. Add food coloring to each bag (I did about 5 drops in each).
  4. Close the bags COMPLETELY.
  5. Let your kids shake the bags to their hearts' content.
  6. Pour our onto some paper towels (see above) to dry for about 10 minutes.
I used this opportunity to do some "color mixing." We talked about using primary colors and then making the secondary colors using our primary colors. It was so much fun to see their eyes light up when the colors actually mixed.

I'd love to see this in action in your home! Post it on social media with #ForTheTeacherTpT so I can see it!

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