12:47 PM

I have been searching for tracing boards for my kids! I have run the numbers and just couldn't get myself to spend upwards of $30 for a board. I kept looking for other options ... and then I went to Target and found these for $5.00!!! There was a letter and numbers version. I'll just call it a "wink" from God.

Anyways, these are pretty self-explainable. Give kid board and writing stick. Kid traces the letters. Done.

Slight problem.

If your kid isn't a natural to know where to start the letters, this becomes problematic.


My kids were starting their letters all over the place and couldn't complete them fully. I realized my littles needed some support. I took about 10 minutes one night (and colorful ball-point pens) to create directional symbols for my littles. Why ball-point? The type of wood would cause felt-tip pens to run/smear. Sooooo, I'm a little particular and wanted my boards to look nicer.

I placed stars at the beginning points for each letter. I then added little arrows to identify the path the kids should take with their writing sticks. That's it. I then assisted each of my littles through the boards. After one time, my 5yo had it. My 3yo needs more support, so I help her every few days.

Ta da! I HIGHLY recommend getting these boards and labeling them! Done and done!

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