12:35 PM

Every kid needs scissor skills. I know there are TONS of activities that help with training little fingers to work with scissors. This is one I've done that hit more than one skill ALL AT ONCE.


  • Kid-friendly scissors (these are "spring-loaded." They open on their own. It helps strengthen little hands. Oh, and I got them from DOLLAR TREE 😍)
  • Scraps of paper
  • Marker
  • OPTIONAL: Add in a page with beginning sounds and a glue stick ... BOOM!
I had my little mad cut between each of the letters. He then had to alphabetize them to help with sorting. The way I wrote the letters, it would be in a pattern after my little alphabetized them. This made it easy to identify if the letters were in the correct order :)

I handed my little man a glue stick and sent him to work glueing each letter on their corresponding picture. 

Super simple, and rigorous!

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