What was I thinking?

1:30 AM

Yes, that's correct. We have begun preschool! In fact, I've been home-schooling my son since 2018. I previously taught in public school and chose an education through a private Christian University here in Nashville back in the early 2000s. 

Before I get hammered by questions and judgement thoughts, let me lay it out there for you. I am NOT against any teacher in the public school systems. I love them! I truly understand their heart. I WAS one. I deeply enjoyed my career for several years. In 2014, my life was rocked in a way that only new mothers can relate to ... It has been a wild ride ever since. 

What I am against ... supporting a system that I do not fully support. Wait, Emilee. You just said you love teachers! Yes, I do. I love teachers. However, I do NOT love what governments are doing to those teachers. Unfair wages, no raises, and no support for control in their classrooms (which doesn't border on abuse, but rather skips right over the line and smacks you in the face), these are just the tip of the iceberg. If teachers were allowed to do their job - which is merely teaching - instead of monitoring, managing behaviors and documentation, and testing (OH, THE TESTING), then I would have a different view. This is not the time for my kids to enter into a school that is overpopulated, understaffed, and over-worked. I have felt that God has called my family in a different direction. And. I'm. Terrified!

Why? Remember how I said I was an educator before kids? Wellllllll, that was a much older age. My principal and I had a deal that if he ever wanted me to quit, just move me to an early elementary class (1st grade or below). He never did. Thank goodness. Let me just say that there HAS to be an extra star in the heavenly crowns of preschool teachers. How you put up with umpteen snotty, sticky, children who have ungodly amounts of personality and no common sense, is beyond my comprehension. Thank you. I never wanted to teach under the age of 7, but here God is ... giving me a sharp nudge out of my comfort zone.

So for the next several months, I'll be posting what I do with my littles to help them learn more about themselves, their abilities, and the God who placed their personalities in their hearts. Oh, and maybe we'll even tackle some reading and math ;) Welcome to my wild ride!

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