Stamp. Stamp. Stamp It Up!

11:13 AM

I'm not really sure what label to use for this, so we'll call it math. Wait, what? Animal stamps are math? YES! They can also be used for reading, writing, phonics, science, and social studies. Here's how...

Materials Needed:

  • Animal Stamps (I'm partial to Melissa & Doug wooden stamps, but you can really use any type you like/have.)
  • Ink Pads (washable ones are GREAT)
  • Paper (I usually use whatever is closest ... in this case, printer paper.)
On this day, I read the Counting Block Book. We read all about how things - babies, acorns, boxes, ect. - change - children, trees, forts, etc. This book counts from 1-100 and it beautifully illustrated. The kids and I make-believe that we can interact with the various objects on the pages as I read. 


After that, we decided to make our own numbers with stamps. My youngest (2.5yo) worked on her motor skills, directions of images, identifying animals, counting quantities, comparing animals, etc. My oldest had a little more structured opportunities:
  • Create large letters with stamps
  • Making a food chain/web
  • Identifying the first sound of the stamped animals
  • Drew habitats around each group of animals
  • Stamped/counted quantities in his "zoo"
  • Size comparison
  • Size organizing
  • Characteristic sort (birds fly, fish swim, creatures walk/hop/crawl)
Y'all. Y'all. These little rubber miracles brought so much to the day and my kids' conceptional learning. We hit SO many core concepts (phonics, science, math, pre-writing) just with stamps. 

Next time you're at the thrift store, or you're needing a new activity for those old stamps, try these!

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