Sensory Activities

11:43 AM

Before I was a mom, I had NEVER HEARD of sensory bins. Being homeschooled, I had sensory bin time on the regular with our play-dough, sand coloring, finger-painting, outside play, bath-time, etc. My mom didn't know that "sensory play" was a thing ... she just automatically added them to our day, because we were kids!

Fast-forward to mom-me now and the device-centred society I am raising my kids into. While I was in the classroom, we were SLOWLY being introduced technology (opaque projectors, smart boards, iPad, personal laptops, etc.). Being in a high-poverty, Title I school, we didn't have a lot of tech in each room. At the time, I thought we were missing out. Now, as a mom, I can FIRMLY testify, we were NOT missing anything. 

*Quick soapbox, so pick up your feet ... I may step on some toes.
Technology is a tool. Its purpose is to help users with learning and innovating for a better future. I am ALL FOR technology ... in moderation. Just like anything in the world that seems great - chocolate, shopping, drinking - it needs to be in MODERATION. Too much chocolate can lead to health issues, too much shopping leads to financial issues, and too much drinking can lead to social issues. So, pleases know that I am not attacking anyone who uses screentime more than I do. Your level of moderation will look different from everyone else because you ARE someone else.

What scientists are now finding is that technology is actually isolating. It is being used more frequently than our brains need. Depression and other mental illnesses have been linked to screen time, and this is quite disturbing. Kids need to be kids with as little worry as possible. By adding screens beyond moderation, we are setting kids up for failure. 

So, we have started doing ALLLLLLL the sensory play. Some of our favorites are below. 

These are in addition to outside playtime, going to the park, and playing with our friends at church!
The point is to introduce kids to the glorious textures of the world around them and help them learn to work with the various materials. If you don't already follow @BusyToddler on Instagram, DO IT NOW. She is the inspiration for a lot of our play activities that I have to prep.

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