2:42 PM

Well, it's been a hot minute since I wrote here! So, here we go...
If you are new, I'm Emilee. I live near Nashville and I love the southern hospitality of the area. I use the phrase "bless their heart" a lot. I have three kids who I am now homeschooling, an wow! It's such a great adventure. Since I'm doing this, I've changed my focus for creating to place more emphasis on preschool and kindergarten. Yes, I'll still be doing my social studies units, but they are more on the back-burner. Right now, I'm just keeping up with my littles. So, on that note, I'll be post more about what we do during our day-to-day. I hope it inspires you! Keep scrolling to find freebies that you can use with your littles!

Here's a quick update of our 2019:

Sooooo, just know ... if you're having a bad day, I get it. This blog will NOT show perfection. It will show how I try to mix in learning with our day-to-day antics ... I hope you enjoy!

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