Life Update ... Feel Free to Skip Over This Post

1:09 PM

It's been a weird/rough beginning to the year. I'm still recovering from gallbladder surgery. At Christmas of last year, while I was very pregnant, I began having SEVERE chest pains. I ended up in the ER on Christmas morning while Kevin took the kids to his dad's house. 

Doctors did all the tests to rule out heart problems. A week later, I would be wearing a heart monitor required by my OBGYN. A few weeks later, results would be negative again. 

February would bring my littlest girl ... late. I would be misdiagnosed with eclampsia, and she would be moved to NICUwith heart and respritory problems. I would pray with nurses and Cassidy was sent home the next day. It was a miracle.

Both of my kids would get pinkeye in the coming weeks, I would get double mastitis (After being on antibiotics), and my husband would get a major injury that would require PT for 6 weeks. 

In early April, I would be rushed to the hospital via ambulance due to what the EMTs believed could be an aortic rupture. It would soon be found that my gallbladder was overrun with "Tons" of gallstones. Did you know that too many gallstones in your gallbladder can cause the same symptoms as a heart attack in women? Yep. It can! While I was offered a surgery that night, I declined since "ain't nobody got time for that" with 3 kids (one of which is a 1.5 month old) at home. I would ask friends for suggestions. I did an AWFUL cleanse hoping that would help. I was feeling a lot better and even went to a women's retreat with my church with my baby in tow.

While on the retreat the symptoms would return, but they felt a little "different." My village of friends at the retreat pack me and my baby up, and my best friend drove us 2 hours to the ER. Once there, I was informed that the baby couldn't stay. Jessica made sure that Cassidy and I were not separated. She held my baby and took care of her IN THE ER for almost 12 hours. My gallbladder had infected my pancreas. There was nothing else I could do but get the surgery. My younger sister and her hubby took Cassidy home for the week, friends watched my kids, and Kevin floated between home and work. I would have called my mom in, but she had injured her foot the day before I went to the ER. One of my second moms kept watch over me during the surgery and kept up with all of the information that I needed to know for after I came through. 

I was driven home by Sue (2nd mom) the next day and she (along with others) came to my home daily for almost 2 weeks to keep it running, keep kids fed, make sure I could rest, and clean. It was more than I could even explain.

Recovery hasn't been easy, but God is gracious. 

So, that was a long story to explain where I've been over the last few months. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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