Rainbow Pancakes

11:38 AM

In the Ray household, you never know what the year will bring. Our home grew by two feet and it has been an adjustment. My mom moved in for a few weeks to help me get my water legs. Cassidy was born on the 20th of this month and has been the easiest baby. However, don't think for a second that life is easy. No. We've had 2 bouts with pinkeye come through our home. Yes, it was the 4yo who contracted it first. Doing the eye medicine is just awful and it's really hard to explain to him WHY I was putting this cream INTO his eye each night. However, we survived and a week later he was free of the horrible little germ. I had cleaned my home from top to bottom, completed ALLLLLL the laundry, and disinfected so much that I should have bought stock in Lysol. Nevertheless, life isn't fair. My 2 yo then contracted pinkeye. Yes, a full 2 days after my son was done taking his meds. SO CLOSE. So, this time the doc gave us eye drops and showed me how to administer them. Honestly, it seems counterintuitive, but drops were WAY better than the cream. She also told me to continue using the drops on my 4yo and my 2yo to keep the germs from re-entering his system. *Great*

We did.

We survived.

The infant didn't contract it (that You JESUS).

The house has now been deep cleaned ... twice.

So, what's with the picture? It's the little victories that I am living for right now. You know the ones ... the kids wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather/activities of the day, the baby and the kids rest at the same time so I can get a few winks, waking up and changing the baby before she wakes up the other two, having my daughter go a full night without falling out of bed, and the list goes on. It's the little victories.

Rainbow pancakes. Cooking in the morning is one of my favorite things to do, when I'm not exhausted from a long night. I try to cook for my kids 2-3 times a week, because I enjoy hot breakfasts. Some days are just blah and I know it'll be a day that we only survive. However, I can make pancakes. Not only that, I can give myself a few more minutes to color them. Why? Have you ever seen toddlers receive rainbow pancakes before? It is pure wonderment. Selfishly, I want to be seen as "super mom" to them. It's a little victory because their standards for "super" include everything from a new book to a paper clip. I NEED victories for all of the times that I view myself as a failure. These little pancakes are a reminder that I am a super mom. It reminds me that I am deeply loved by these little beings. It reminds me that childhood shouldn't be rushed, days are long but the years are short, and I shouldn't sweat the small stuff because, guess what, in the grand scheme of life, most of these failures I see in myself are things that don't matter. So, today I will stumble into the kitchen with an infant on my hip, listen to my 4yo tell all about anything he wants to talk about, and watch my 2yo follow along with the party... all while making our rainbow pancakes.

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