Home-schooling While I'm Surviving

11:56 AM

Do you remember that time I started homeschooling my preschoolers? Well, that has continued ... kind of. Seriously, 3 kids is a WHOLE NEW balancing act, which I'm trying to get the hang of. 

Here is what my educating looks like currently

Yep .... we are a minimalist family when it comes to toys for the kids. Instead, for Christmas and birthdays we ask for money for memberships. These. Have. Saved. My. Sanity.

I pack lunches/snacks and pack up the kids. We go to our favorite children's museum and I let them loose. Now, there is structure since I have a stroller and two little beings to keep up with. So, we travel from one activity to another. This is the first exhibit whenever we enter the museum and it is FAB.U.LOUS! There is a ton of sensory play and cause/effect opportunities. There are buttons and levers, fountains and boats, currents and sooooo much science. While those are my main concepts that I want my littles to learn, they also get the opportunity to socialize with other littles, problem solve, and work on people skills.

If you don't have a membership somewhere near you, let me tell you, DO IT. You can thank me later.
Home school lessons  for the day ... check!

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