11:45 AM


I. Just. Can't. 

What a summer! It's been a whirlwind. I guess the first major change in the Ray household that I need to let you know about is that we are expecting a little girl in February. Super excited! It was a HUGE surprise.

Next up, I started the 5th grade standards for TN social studies. The units are underway, and I'm trying to finish the 4th instalment this afternoon. If you'd like to look over the completed units in this series, you can find them HERE

Also, I've diversified my store and joined another marketplace ... www.teachersdojo.com

It's a great new site, with very few sellers. I'm not even sure it's a year old yet. Anyways, since the commission is better for the seller, my resources are a little cheaper there. I would HIGHLY recommend checking out this new site.

Okay, now back to my pregnancy. I had great plans to complete the History of America Series (2) by May 2019. However, since my sweet little girl is due on Valentines Day of the same year, I don't see that original plan happening. I am trying my best to get out as many units as I can in the amount of time I have before little girl arrives. However, since each of these take upwards of 150+ hours to create, I'm not sure how far I will get. I say this to let you know that I am working on them, I will finish the series, and I haven't forgotten you. However, I also need to say that the timeframe is a little sketchy as of now. Thank you for your patience.

Teacher Sellers!!!
If you haven't signed up with TeachersDojo, I would encourage you to look into it. I've also started a TD Think Tank group on Facebook and a Collaborative Marketing Group to help get the word out. If you'd like to join as a seller, just let me know!

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