Websites, Unit, and FREEBIE!

6:51 PM

I'm so excited to have this awesome new web design ... compliments to Claire Thweatt at ThweattHearts. She is a FABULOUS teacher and an even better friend. If you need anything for your technology class, check out her store!

Okay, with this new design, I wanted to add a few new things to this blog. Here are the new things I've added to my store in the last week!

First, Westward Expansion: Clash & Conflict is the 8th unit in my History of America series for 4th grade. It starts with the War of 1812 and ends at the Trail of Tears. It was fascinating and heartwrenching to research and create.

And guess what? I think you're pretty cool, so I thought I'd add one of the reading passages from the unit as a FREEBIE here. Just click on the image below, download, and print. You're welcome!

Next, I added a new unit about using commas in items within a letter.
This unit helps teach:

  • Using commas in lists
  • Using a comma in the greeting of a letter
  • Using a comma in the closing of a letter
  • Using commas in the date
  • Using a comma between the city and state of an address!

Aand finally, I had to add a little bit of math ;)

Happy Teaching!

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