Let's talk guns

8:09 AM

I'm sorry.

Yes, I'm sorry. Me. I'm apologizing for me. This isn't a backhanded apology that says something like, "I'm sorry YOU feel that way ..." No, this isn't about my ego.

I'm sorry.

I'm a Christian. I'm a Republican. I'm a wife and mother. I'm a sister and daughter. I'm apologizing. Not for my faith or my choice of who I vote for. No, I'm apologizing for making God-create people an enemy. There is only one enemy.

I'm sorry that I don't look past your political party.  I'm am a broken being, just trying to follow what I believe. I hope you are too. So ...

Let's talk.

Aren't you tired? I am tired. I am tired of feeling stressed out about various laws and policies. I'm tired of debates that end in anger and division rather than agreement. I'm exhausted from being told that one side should tolerate the other side without logical reason.

I'm hurting. My heart aches and my stomach turns as I think about the babies that have been placed in the ground because madmen decide to shoot up a school. A SCHOOL!!! Defenseless children. Don't you DARE tell me that kids in high school are not kids. They are someone's kid ... someone's life ... someone's existence.

My anger rages and I want to blame someone, anyone. Something, anything. You. I want to blame you. I want to blame people who I've made my enemy without knowing them. I want to blame our authorities for not predicting (as if I could) when and where this would happen. I want to arm people with weapons, because fire beats fire, right? If only. Do I believe in the 2nd amendment? Hello? Republican. However, owning/using a gun shouldn't be taken lightly. If you are not willing to kill someone who is attacking you, DO NOT GET A GUN. If we arm trigger-happy people, it'll get worse.

Gun laws are great for those who follow them ... until those who DON'T follow them get a gun. The gun law is irrelevant in this conversation. This is about protecting kids. Don't push your policies here. What can we do, NOW, to make our kids safe at school tomorrow? We have to get over ourselves and the need "to be right and superior" and focus on the need at hand. Protect our kids

I want to combine our forces. We can impact this nation ... let's do it!

Bright Ideas
Arm Teachers - This is a great idea ... except, it isn't.
Not everyone is comfortable carrying a gun, much less using it in a child-filled school.  
In allowing these guns on the premises, in classes where some students are stronger than their teacher, you may run into a problem of being over-powered and the gun being used against the teacher/class.
Teachers already serve as educators, counselors, nurses, and second-parents to many students. They are overwhelmed with what they have to do already ... adding a GUN to the mix is just asking for more problems. 

Volunteer Carriers - This is a great compromise (you remember ... that thing that allowed our founding fathers to draft the constitution in the first place?) for those who have a need to arm themselves and can truly shoot/kill another living being. 
Don't openly carry the guns where students can identify them. 
Keep those keypad safes in each room, so ONLY a faculty member can open them at school IF need be. 

Build Relationships - Teachers do this on a DAILY basis with their students, some positively and some negatively. Do NOT hold it against a teacher if they do not like your kid. Do you like everyone you come into contact with OR work with?
Once again, teachers work hard to build relationships with their students. Elementary teachers see the same kids all day, everyday. Middle school and high school teachers time is split between each class. Being able to make meaningful relationships with EVERY child is beyond difficult. Stop blaming teachers. They are human an are doing their bets. How do I know? Trust me, they didn't go into this profession for the income and accolades.
On your lunch break, or time off, go to a school ... ANY school. Ask the nearest teacher when lunch is, and who NEEDS a pal. Trust me, teachers know. Then - and this is the hard part - go. eat. with. that. kid. That's it. Let's start taking responsibility of EVERY kid. You never know the demons someone is facing, and the impact a lunch conversation can make. 
Teach your kids to be kind AND inclusive. This goes back to our egos. Get over yourself. If Jesus, who was perfect, can eat with sinners, then our kids can befriend kids they don't have a lot in common with. Just remember, they learn from YOU. So, adults, let's get our acts together. Maybe WE are more of the problem then we would care to admit. 

Be a Resource - Wouldn't it be GREAT if schools had to TURN PEOPLE AWAY because there were TOO many volunteers?      
Do you own a gun and permit? Great! Come to school and sit outside as a guardian of the children.     
Retired Veteran? Sit with kids at lunch and talk to them. Sit outside and protect them. Let them know that our history is protecting our future. Help train them to understand what a true hero looks like. They are protecting those who can't.     
Do you have little ones at home? Take them to a high school or middle school. VERY FEW teenagers run away from little beings. Let your little ones bring joy to the other kids/teens. That's all that MANY kids need. Innocence.     
Introvert? Awesome. Send out letters to classes, serve on the PTO (behind the scenes), help organize activities for students that are uplifting, talk one-on-one with kids. Students who see your SERVING them are more likely to respect others.      
GoFundMe - If we are serious about making our schools safe and ending school shootings, let's put our money where our mouths are. Start a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for security and safety measures to be added to schools.     

My hope is that this gets passed along. Can we all come together, for once, and focus on kids? We can all agree that kids should NEVER be targets. So, let's walk the walk that we are all SO good at talking about.

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