History of the United States of America

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I've been told numerous times that you need to find your niche for TpT. Trying to do ALL subjects for ALL grades is just NOT the way to go. I whole-heartily agree. 

How do you find your niche? Good question. It took me a couple years to figure it out. For me, it's creating cross-curricular units using science and social studies as the core. In fact, I found this out when a friend of mine asked if I could create a few reading passages for her class that would give the information to meet the social studies standards using reading strategies. My favorite options are text evidence based questions. 

When I was a teacher, I had various groups of EL students come through my doors. I found that I needed to combine subjects to get it all in ... but let's be real, covering EVERYTHING you need to cover in a day is a pipe-dream. I also found that most kids could tell you what they THINK the passages said, but couldn't prove their thoughts. I ended up making an EL unit to help with writing to a prompt. I believe this is a resource that is severely lacking within schools.

However, while I LOVE my little language learners, this wasn't QUITE what made my heart happy. I DID love writing passages, so I went from there.
All About South America
I took these experiences into account when I began making these passages. Honestly, I wrote 3-4 passages about 3 years ago and vowed I would NEVER do this again, because they took so much time. Ha. Never say "never." I ended up focusing on the 7 continents and the standards that TN teachers were facing. I came at it from a text evidence, writing, and interactive notebook direction. I couldn't believe I completed pretty legit sets for each continent for 3rd grade reading. Hmm ...

So, here I went again. Back in 2016, I started again. This time, I chose to focus on social studies standards for 4th grade, based around U.S. History. My inspiring friend obviously got all of the passages for free, as she was the inspiration. I also added technology, writing, role playing, and interactive notebook pieces. This is where my heart has been for the last year+.

These are the sets that are completed as of now. I've just started working on the Westward Expansion (hoping to finish it by the end of February!)

Settling the Colonies
The Age of Exploration
Land & People Before European Exploration

Creating a New Government
The War for Independence
The American Revolution
This is my niche. I found a need and something I enjoy doing. When you combine those two elements, you have the makings of a GREAT store!

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