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     So, here I am ... Sunday afternoon. I should be cleaning me house. I should be getting some much needed rest. I should be enjoying a good book... I should, I should, I should. But I can't. My mind is on overdrive. Between being a wife and mommie, I've decided to be an author on TpT. For the newbies to teaching, it is a site called TeachersPayTeachers.com. This is a site that is full of fellow teachers (mostly) who create materials and sell them to other teachers. 

       I've been asked my opinion and thoughts about TpT by several people who (believe it or not) have their own opinions of my being a TpT author. So, here it goes ...

     The idea behind the site is that educators KNOW what educators need, more-so than the overpriced companies who make worksheets that don't align to standards. Yes, I said it. Teachers make better materials. 

***However, before you buy from TpT, you need to know a few truths...***

#1. Not everyone who creates/sells on TpT is/was a teacher. 
     Yes, it's true. Disappointing, but true. Now, that isn't to say that materials from sellers who haven't taught is a bad thing. Teachers are CONSTANTLY teaching from textbooks from people who don't teach. It doesn't make the materials bad, please understand me. It does have a different purpose. Usually these items are not tested within the classroom. Once again, not all bad. Just don't bank on buying from TpT and getting classroom ready products.

How do you avoid this? 
>>Learn about the seller. 
>>Do your research. It's okay to do this. 

**In fact, I am not a teacher in a classroom. I WAS, but I was promoted to full-time Mommie when my now three-year-old was born. I've very open with this fact as are many sellers. Some of the top sellers are no longer in the classroom. The point is that they WERE, and they KNOW what worked for their kids. Look for these sellers.

#2. Not all products on TpT are created equally.
      Once again, this is where some people struggle when buying items on TpT. I was a skeptic when I first saw TpT back in 2007. I "bought" freebies. I based my opinion on TpT by those freebies. I didn't actually BUY anything from TpT until 2010, because I wasn't sure if I'd like the resources I bought. I'm a browser. I enjoy holding books, flipping pages, smelling the ink on the paper. TpT was a difficult concept for a person like me. I am glad that I did buy that first product. It was GREAT! I had done #1 on this list, because I'm frugal. The seller was a former teacher, with a good rating, and a few hundred followers. My thought was, "it seems okay. If I'm wrong, I'll be out $5 ... basically a coffee from Starbucks." It ended up being a good purchase with no regret. This encouraged me to look around some more. I bought some more items through TpT. Some resources are better than others, but isn't that true with ANYTHING we buy? Sometimes that steak you buy isn't quite up to par. Some times it melts like butter on the tongue. On TpT, I try to keep the reality at the front ... most of these sellers are here to help teachers with materials that they have particularly enjoyed or found beneficial. Most sellers DO make mistakes, but are more than willing to correct them when it is brought to their attention. 

Key Point: The hearts of most sellers are to make teaching easier for the millions of teachers around the world. So, just know, if you do buy a "dud," it's okay. The heart/intentions were pure. Give grace, just like we ask our students to do with each other, and to us.

#3.  Don't get into habitual buying.
     Wait a minute. Why not? Isn't that great for the seller? Sure it is! However, buying EVERYTHING one seller produces without even looking around is like going to McDonald's and assuming it's the best deal in town. I HIGHLY recommend making use of that cute little search bar at the top of the screen. See what pops up! Who knows, you may find a new seller who has a neat new way of teaching a concept! 

Side Note: I keep referencing food because it is 1:20pm, on Sunday, and I haven't eaten lunch ... another casualty of crazy-brain.

#4. Feedback... leave it ... on EVERYTHING.
     This is kind of a no-brainer for me. On TpT, whenever you buy a resource, you have an option to leave feedback. Basically, you grade it and leave a message to the author. I think it's a cool concept. Anyways, when you do this, you gain TpT credits! Each TpT credit is equal to $0.05. The credits you earn are based on the amount of money you spend:

If I buy a resource for $3, then leave feedback, I get $0.15 off my next purchase. 

Some people see this as so minimal that they don't leave feedback. Come on people! It's FREE MONEY! 

#5. Feedback ... leave it ... on EVERYTHING... :)
     Wait, am I repeating? Kind of. Sellers (At least the ones I know) LOVE getting feedback. We read all of them. Authors like me also write back to EVERY. SINGLE. NOTE. It's true. Just go look at the comments. I've replied to everyone. 
     So, why am I repeating this ... because sellers work just as hard on their free items as their paid for products. Yet, it is RARE for feedback to be left on freebie items, because the buyer doesn't gain any credit for it. I understand this ... however, let me suggest a counter-thought. What do you think would happen if a seller received as many positive feedbacks for a freebie item as for a paid product? I know I would feel the need to make more freebies ... just saying ....

So, how'd I do? This is NOT a plug for my store. I'm not even going to leave a link. These are merely my thoughts on the matter. 
If you ARE thinking about TpT for resources, I HIGHLY recommend taking a peek at the site and seeing what little jewels you may find. 
If you are thinking about joining as a seller, AWESOME! Welcome to the team. If you need any help, please reach out to me! My email is ForTheTeacherResources@gmail.com. I would LOVE to help get you started, if you are serious. It is NOT a get rich scheme. You have to do some work, but it is GREAT when it starts to pay off.

That's all for now!


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