2:16 PM

I love the IDEA of being organized. I like BEING organized. Am I ACTUALLY organized?

I'm a mother of a three-year-old, and a one-year-old. PLUS I have a plucky little maltipoo who thinks he's WAY bigger than he actually is. He weighs less than my son did when he came out of the womb ... tiny dog.

Anywho, what was I saying? Oh, yes ... organized.

I had a calendar a few years back that I adored ... simply loved. I have looked for the same calendar ever since to no avail. Bummer. So, what does any good TpTer do? Makes their own!

However, I'm not a great TpTer. I put off making the calendar until MID-January. Once again ... I like the IDEA of being organized.

So, with that, I decided I would make it SUPER cheap, since it was already in the middle of January. They do come in so adorable styles ... but they're a little (*cough cough) late.

If you are like me, you may still need a calendar. If so, you can hit my store *H*E*R*E*!*

You'll also find some other organizational tools that might fit your fancy.


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