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12:00 AM

Thanks for the questions, y'all!

My latest one was about TpT -

"What is it? Is TpT worth it? How do I get started?"

You can find my post about what TpT is, RIGHT HERE.

I'll be moving straight into, "Is it worth it?"

TpT IS worth it, if you are willing to make it so. Whoa, mind blown ... ha.

Teachers Pay Teachers is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It will not earn you a cool million your first month. It's just like any other new business. You have to work at it. I do not recommend quitting your day job to go full-time TpT at first. Some one once asked me if that would be a good idea. My resounding answer? "Are you freaking, kidding me? NO!"

Can I guarantee you will make any money? Nope. Not making that claim at all. That would be like me telling you that ANYONE can move to Nashville, sing on the street, and get "discovered." It isn't true. Welcome to the real-world. It's tough. Get a helmet.

However, I was raised in a home that believed hard work does pay off. My dad, who has one of the best hearts ever, thought he would like to be a music star. He DID move to Nashville, met with music producers, created AND sold some records. Can he sing? Nope. His hard work paid off. Eventually, he changed over and used his love for music to help create jingles, and advertisements! By the grace of God, my dad's company never had a losing quarter in the 25 years he owned it.

If you're willing to put in the work ... it is worth it.

#1. Make some products! There are a ton of videos on youtube to show you how to do this.
Take your pick of videos!

If you are just starting out, and don't want to spend a ton of money on clipart ... I get it. Here are some sellers with freebies you can use!
Graphics from the Pond
Whimsy Clips
Creating4 the Classroom

These are just a few of my absolute FAVES!

*Don't forget to save your resources as PDFs so that buyers cannot manipulate them and resell them;)

#2. Brand
This is how people will find you on TpT, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
While it is tempting to make a cutesy name with misspellings, I recommend you not do that. It makes it REALLY hard to be found, because new buyers don't misspell words in the search.

Also, add your name at the beginning, or end of the brand. Many sellers just go by their name. That's good. Sometimes to be noticed, you need to make a name that pops ...
Some of my more recent fave names are
Will Teach for Tacos

I decided to make my brand easy ... Emilee Ray - For The Teacher

#3. Pull the Trigger
It costs $60/year to have a store on TpT. They also receive 20% of your sales, so keep that in mind. If you DO choose to sign up, you can use my referral code! Once you sign up, start adding your 

Once you sign up, start adding your products. 
Go up to the drop down menu under your store name. Click on "Product Listings"

On the left sidebar, at the bottom, click on "Add New Product."

Click the green button that says, "Upload Resource."

Click on the gray "browse" button, and pick out your product.
Below, you will get a chance to name it and write a good description. I usually add an engaging sentence, contents, thanks, reminder of feedback, AND links to my platforms and other products in this category.

Add three "categories" by selecting them and clicking the >> button.
Click the grade level (do not make these too broad)
Click/Add the subject areas by selecting and clicking the >> button.

Add the standards.
Add a teaching duration in the drop down box.
Type in the number of slides/pages
Tell if an answer key is included.
Pick out your custom category.
Click on the drop down box if it is a paid/free product.
Type in a price.
If you want it discounted for a time, add a new price in the "discount bundle" box.
Type in the price for multiple licenses.

Finally, confirm if you want your product to be active!
In the final box (after your product has loaded) you can click on the images that you want displayed on the listing!

Hit submit!!!!

Yes, it's tedious, but it does get easier with time and practice. 

I hope that you have a FABULOUS time selling!


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