Learn or Be Doomed By History

11:02 AM

Teaching is a passion that I share with thousands of people around the world. It is a calling that is not necessarily respected in the professional world, but without it, there would be NO professional world.
Why do I LOVE my God-given passion and talent?
Culture is morphing ... constantly. Society's morals are based on ever changing opinions. We seem to forget that "there is nothing new under the sun." Yet, we act as though our choices are brand new. Our opinions are revolutionary. Our person is above the rest. "There is nothing new under the sun." I want to see children learn the basics. I yearn to watch little eyes light up when they finally comprehend a concept. Those "ah-ha!" moments are shear adrenaline rushes for a teacher. We get a high off of seeing kids experience this thing we call life.
However, more now than ever in my teaching career, we are seeing agenda's pushed. We see religion fighting with atheism. We see race fighting within communities. We watch science fight opinions. The problem with this, is that it is force feeding the next generation to believe one thing over another. The issue is that many people are so insecure with what they DO believe (and yes, everyone has a belief), that they try to make others drink the same koolaid. Get confident in what you believe in, or change your belief.
I've come to an understanding recently. My opinion is my own. It is not shared by the rest of the world. It is mine. My opinion and belief are shaped by my experiences. My parents were wonderful, which isn't the case in many homes today. I'm a Christian. Not because my parents told me about Jesus, or that we prayed to God whenever we felt the desire or need. This was merely an experience. What drew me to God was that He sought me out. Why me? I'm nothing special ... remember? "There is nothing new under the sun." I choose to follow Jesus, because the alternative would be quite unsettling ... things that nightmares are made of. I choose to follow Jesus, because NO ONE has ever loved me so deeply as to save me from myself by taking all of my burden and shouldering it ... no, not shouldering ... demolishing it in the most gruesome way possible. This Creator ... THE Creator ... the One who made the smallest atom to the grandest galaxy ... He. Chose. Me. Wow. So, what does that have to do with teaching?
Everything. When I look at the teacher Jesus was/is, I can't help by be amazed. I want to be just like Him! He's funny, direct, kind, strict, and fact based. He is the ultimate teacher. He was not respected by everyone, but everyone had/has a gift waiting if they just choose to take it. Without Him, life isn't worth it. People have tried and tried to see if they can be completely fulfilled without God. Solomon (the wisest and wealthiest guy ever) couldn't even pull it off. He tried. He failed. There is only one redeeming and satisfying way to live ... it is to learn. Not only learn, but learn from the greatest Teacher.
Teaching is my greatest passion for this earth, even though "there is nothing new under the sun." That quote doesn't bum me out. It actually excites me. All of these events, moments, opinions, fights, and experiences have happened before in some way or another. Standards constantly change because there is no constant for everyone, unless you know Jesus. What's really overwhelming is that Jesus was above the sun. He manages the life beyond the sun, beyond our understanding or capabilities. However, until people look towards the Teacher, and learn from Him, they are doomed to repeat the history mankind has since been entangled.
As a teacher, I strive to reach to those "under the sun" academically. Then, by my confidence in my belief, show the life beyond. This is why I teach.

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