Make, Say, Break, Sound, Make, Say What?!

7:29 PM

Hey there Bloggin' World!
It's been a little while since I've posted ... I've been busy working on my TpT stuff and being a new mommie ... again! I'm absolutely LOVING where I am in life. TpT is a GREAT place to work, and the other sellers are gems. I love the atmosphere of working together rather than in competition.
So, anyways ...
I posted a new phonics set that has one of my FAVORITE practices in it. I call it "Make, Say, Break, Sound, Make, Say." It's pretty quick and kids get to really engage in each word. Watch the video below to see HOW I use it.

You can find the words for short /a/ and short /i/ words in this new set!

I'm working on a FULL year worth, and will be getting those posted up as I complete them. Every set will have this activity in it, because I pretty much ADORE it!

Happy Teaching!

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