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7:33 AM

This week has been NUTS! With the election going as it has, the United States of America seem anything but united. If you're reading this from another country, please excuse our poor behavior. This is what happens when a generation is given participation awards ... and then as adults lose. Unfortunately, this will not be the first election (nor the last) where people are up in arms over who won/lost. We all saw this coming ... because we have become more and more divided in our races, religion, and decency. It's quite sad. However, compared to SEVERAL cultures, we are merely babies ... we are just choosing to act like it.

Regardless who you think should be president, we can all agree, times have changed. I'm not going to post my opinion for the results, as it will not win anyone. However, if you're curious, I'd LOVE to talk to you face-to-face over a cup of tea.

I had a former teacher team mate of mine email me last week asking for a set of prompts for 2nd grade ESL. How great is that? As an EL teacher, my heart goes to those kids who have such a rigorous entrance into the English language. I was thrilled to get this email. Then, the other shoe dropped. She asked if I could turn it into a writing piece where her kids would read, write a topic sentence, find/write at least 3 details in the text to support their topic sentence, and a conclusion ... for very new ESL kids. What the what?! She explained that in April, her district had a mandated assessment for writing from a passage and prompt... for second grade ... for ESL ...

I get very protective of kids when I believe they are not rightly being assessed (which is most of the time). At this age, kids do not need tests, but practice in a safe environment where they can make mistakes to learn.

Of course I said ABSOLUTELY!

She then added that she wanted it to be boot camp themed (YAY! New clipart for me to buy from educlips!) She wanted to have the kids practice each part of the writing piece repeatedly. Each time they completed a topic sentence or writing of sort (whatever was the main concept), the teachers and the kids would do drills - jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, high kicks, etc. This will hopefully make the unit memorable, AND help give the kids confidence.

You can check it out here in my TpT store!


If you get a chance, pray for our country, pray for our teachers, and most of all, pray for our future generations.

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