Elections, Sales, Followers, and News ... Oh My!

7:52 AM

      There are days, you know the ones, where you just feel blah. My little 2-year-old Crosby was running a muck and not feeling well. Just FYI, we don't call it Daylights Savings in this house. It has infamously become known as The Reckoning. People always joke, saying, "You're a parent, so you don't get the benefit of daylight savings." Nope. While that is true ... I'd venture to go even further... It rocks your world. My son usually is an early afternoon napper... yesterday, it was at 10am. He didn't wake up for 4 hours. Seriously. Then bedtime ... *ugh
      Well, that was the day I was having. God had been hearing me talk to Him a lot. I was tired. I'm pregnant (32weeks), and I wasn't keeping food down. Add that to chasing a tired, ornery kid, and you just kind of question your purpose. That however is ONE of the times my God works.
      I was crawling into bed - at 7:15 - after my little buddy had gone to bed, my husband was getting one of our CW shows cued up, checked my feedback on TpT. There it was, Such a sweet feedback from a woman in Connecticut saying she saw my election freebie on a news report! What?! My energy level spiked, I jumped out of bed to grab my computer (PS that's a feat to jump when you're this prego ;), and looked it up. Such a good video about kids participating in a mock election across the country. It's very interesting, and I ADORED seeing kids working with my product.
Here's the link if you'd like to see it!

      Then in all of the hubbub, I realized that For The Teacher has gained over 100 new followers in the last 10 days!!! That's incredible. I'm honored to have people who are willing to give my work a chance. Thank you. I really appreciate it. 
      Since today is election day, and it seems like a painful decision in most cases, AND I'm just so excited about what's going on with For The Teacher, I'm throwing a flash sale today. 


Oh, and don't forget to download the FREE election set, HERE!

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