6:19 PM

Hey y'all,
      I've been getting a lot of traffic through my store and requests recently. I'm one busy (and happy) woman. I have had several questions about upcoming products, so I thought I'd give you an update on what is happening at For The Teacher. Be on the lookout for newer products, updates, and freebies!

Product Goals:

  1. Walking Word Wall
  2. ESL Reading & Writing Boot Camp (Request)
  3. All About Europe Comprehension Set (Request)
  4. Physical Science Reading Comprehension & Interactive Notebook
  5. Journeys 6th Grade Unit 5 (Request and Final Unit)
  6. Bundling all Journeys 6th Grade Units
  7. All About South America Comprehension Set (Request)
  8. All About Antarctica Comprehension Set (Request & Final in Set)
  9. Bundle All About Antarctica Comprehension Sets

I've decided I'll TRY to complete the top 4 items on this list before the new year. I have a c-section planned for the 27th of December (YAY!) and I don't expect to be creating much for a few months after our little Harmony Hope arrives... All of you Mamas out there probably TOTALLY get this. 

I'll start back on the list as soon as I'm up to it. Thanks for your awesomeness! 

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