Pray for Haiti

12:52 PM

My heart is heavy and my soul is crying out to my Father to protect and spare the people of Haiti. I know children are going to terrified by the waves and the sounds of this category 4 hurricane. I know mommas are going to protect their babies as best as they can. However, this is difficult in such a poverty-stricken country. These people, these souls, are going to a living nightmare and there is literally nothing more they can do. There is very little protection, and what decent protection there is from the storm, is already at full capacity. Families will lose EVERYTHING today. Communities have already lost members, and many areas didn't even know it was coming.

God's word is being spread, but it is going to be questioned after this. Missionaries who are devoting their lives to serve this country are going to be in need of support physically, monetarily, and spiritually. We need to help. I am starting right now to help.

Starting TOMORROW morning, my TpT store will be doing sales as normal. All net proceeds for the next week will be donated to healing hands international to help with the devistation that is insuing right now. I encourage ALL of my fellow TpT sellers to do the same. One week. 7 days. This could change lives.

Please, if you can't purchase anything, lift this country and the families up in prayer to the Most Holy Lord. Pray for peace, comfort, and protection. Pray for willing hearts to share what they have to help these that have so little. Pray that life is not lost. Pray that homes remain intact. Pray that help arrives to be warriors for this people.


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