Happy Elections

2:50 PM

I know, the climate surrounding the US elections is really ANYTHING but happy. Each half of the USA think that the other half has gone mad. "HOW can you vote for ________?" It's sad.

I'm tired of people bashing each other, as if THAT will change minds. I don't do this. It is disrespectful. Don't worry, I'll leave the political talk alone for a minute to give you some GREAT news! I have a unbiased simple freebie for you! That's right. In my opinion (which you won't read in the set), you all need something positive to work with. Click the link below to get your own copy.

Election 2016 Freebie!

***Political Views about to be written ... read at your own risk.

I'll tell you what I'm basing my vote on ... Biblical truths. I can't focus on personal opinions that are not discussed in the Bible (i.e. gun control, immigration, etc.)
1. Marriage - only between a man and a woman
2. Gender - God dictated this when He formed us in our mothers' wombs.
3. Protect the lives of the unborn.
4. Allow public worship.

That's it. Yes, I've had several people "unfriend" me or whatnot from social media due to my opinions. I don't blast them. I don't shove them down people's throats. I choose to talk to each person personally. We don't have to agree. However, I'm at an age where I'm choosing to learn and have my own thoughts. I'm at an age where I am feeling more and more responsible to the next generation. I'm at an age that leads me to focus on people and fact. I'm at an age where I need to stand up ... not compromise. It's hard. Really hard. However, I'm dealing with NOTHING comparatively to previous Christians. I can handle my opinions being dismissed. But, I can't handle disowning what my God has given me ... a brain and a responsibility to seek/teach truth.

Love y'all!

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