Upping the Anty

8:26 PM

Okay, soooo ... I did it. I finally OVERHAULED my website. Granted, it isn't quite where I want it, but I do really like where it's at now!

It's getting late here, so this will be brief. I just want to pray a blessing over all of the teachers that I know personally, and those that I don't know at all. Teaching puts us into the trenches of war on poverty, self-doubt, and destruction. While we aren't armed with tons of cash to buy solutions, we have been blessed by a God with wisdom and creativity.

Thank you for these men and women who are devoting their existence to training up children to be good people... knowledgeable people ... wise people who will serve their communities. I pray that during this upcoming week that you alleviate stress, or at least minimize it. I pray that students come with open minds to what they CAN do, instead of what our cultures says they can't do. I life up the staff and faculty that keep order in the halls and the various activities. Open the eyes of this nation, of the parents, of the kids, of the leaders to follow You. Give them all hope.


Blessings y'all,

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