Flash Sale!

6:30 AM

Today is my favorite teacher's birthday!!!! My MOM! She will be ... well, I'll just say she is another year younger! ;)

If you don't know me personally, or are new to my site/store, you may not know that I had the best teacher through my entire K-12 school career. I was home schooled by my Mom, Bonnie. Now, there is a stigma when it comes to home education. Let me just tell you, my mom almost broke herself keeping all 4 of her kids involved in SOOOO many things: tutorials, musicals, baseball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, art, plays, mission trips, field trips, fund-raisers, etc. Yes, she is super woman. It was really because of her that I went into teaching the public school system ... talk about culture shock.

Anywho! Thanks to her, I am who I am today. This means that YOU get the benefit! Today is a "Salute to Mom" sale, in honor of her ___ birthday!

Head on over to my store to get in on the great prices!

You already know that I'm a cheaper store, so sales make it EVEN BETTER! While you're there, feel free to leave a birthday wish for my mom in the feedback! I know she'd love it!

Also, check out my newest products to help bulk up your social studies with reading comprehension activities!

Check out the Social Studies Units Here!

Happy Weekend!!!!

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