Summer Time is Coming To an End :(

2:54 PM

While this is a sad realization for many of us, some of our brains haven't STOPPED thinking about your classroom. We have a word for that ... weirdos. LOL. Anyways, here is a new little bundle to make the classroom set up a little easier.

I have a friend who is a long-time substitute who is getting her first classroom this fall. We all remember the first year and the lack of funds to do what we wanted/needed for our classroom. So, she called me and asked if I could create a bundle to help her start her classroom that wouldn't break the bank. How could ANY teacher say 'no' to a first year request like that?

So, here is what we came up with ... check it out!

- Behavior Clip Chart (8 levels)

-Clothes Pin Numbers - for clip charts

-Birthday Graph

-Birthday Poster Pieces - Balloons (to be printed on colored pages

-Classwork Tray Labels- Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Late

-Library Labels - Fiction and Non-Fiction with the following labels: By Author a-z, American History, Biographies/Autobiographies, Mystery, Earth & Solar System, Countries and Maps, Living Things (Animals and Plants), Folktales, Weather, Technology, Career & Community, Historical Fiction, and Government & Economics.

-Classroom Constitution - Mini Poster - Complete with Class

-Schedule Cards - 16 given subjects/times for a day at school AND a page with extras to add your own. Each card has an analogue clock to show the time.

-Where are We? - Simple clip circle

-Minutes for Analogue Clock - Blue and green with white polka dots

-Number of the Day Mini Poster & Individual Desk Option

-Cluster Basket Numbers - 2 versions: team and table

-Student Numbers - Blue and Green with white polka dots

-Interactive Notebook Labels (Math, Reading, Language/Writing, Science, Social Studies) - For Avery 8163 (10xpage)

-Highlight your name poster

-Calendar (Simple) - Abbr. Days and Numbers

Pretty great, huh? And it's for less than $4.50!!!! 


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