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Well, this summer has come in like a vengeance! I love my little Tennessee state, but the temps are getting higher, and unless I'm dipping into a pool, I'm starting to dislike summer. Of course, it could also be due to the fact that I'm preggers ... again ;) That's right!

The FOURTH is with us. We're having a BB ... Hahahaha. I crack myself up! Anywho ...

That was how we announced to the social media world. I'm due to have the next kiddo in January 2017. My first pregnancy was peachy. Very little morning sickness or fatigue. I just looked like a cow. THIS time... whew! I'm down 12 pounds in a month due to this sweet little bundle. Not complaining, but making excuses ;) 

We went to Disney a couple weeks back and had a blast. My son was a CHAMP and loved meeting Mickey, Minnie, Chewbaca, and Olaf. I thought he would run for the hills, but nope ... he giggled and chatted (his own language) to each of them. I was proud.
While he was a champ, his mother was not. Bless my poor hubby. The heat index topped over 100 a couple of times, we were walking MILES each day, and the wife was having massive morning sickness and migraines. But, I can honestly say, I will look back fondly on this trip.

Wow, sooooo that was a LONG excuse. Now for the point of this blog...
Newest installment for my continent bundle in progress ....

I'm so excited about this one!

This would be great for your world studies! You can check it out on my TpT store:

Happy Teaching!

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