That moment ...

6:48 PM

You know the one. That moment where you ask yourself why you do what you do. Then it hits you when you look into those big beautiful eyes of one of your kids. It's not about the paperwork or the data. It's about these precious lives that you have for mere moments.
Treasure them.

I was recently reminded of several of my students from one of my classes. They are juniors in high school now, thinking they know everything. Their Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds are all about how stupid adults are. Many of them hate school. It hurts my heart.
for a time, they were mine. We worked together to conquer the trials of multiplication and division. We journeyed with the Patriots to the Boston Harbor. We lived our lives together. We were family. School was safe and a favorite hang-out. Students would flood my room after class just to talk before buses or cars took them home. A few times, I got to have a sneak peek into their daily lives when my kid would invite me to their home. I remember one parent inviting me to dinner when I showed up with their child as their door opened. We were family.
Treasure this.

The older I get, the further away I find myself from the innocent childhood. As the days pass quietly, I'm beginning to notice how hard it is to be a teen. Drugs, sex, alcohol, broken homes, abuse of all kinds, hunger. This isn't family. This is Satan messing with my kids. I don't take kindly to it.

This is my prayer for Caleb, Derricka, Itzel, Zhical, Jorge, Suntee, JP, Deera, Tristan, Kevin, Hannah, Haner, Alexis, Sydney, Danny, Destiny,Kyra, Joel, Nathaniel, Jessica, Shelbie, and Stephani ,,,
The destroyer is attacking my kids. YOUR kids. Protect them, since I can't.
In Jesus' Name,

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