Knowledge vs Wisdom

10:52 AM

Recently, I've been blessed to talk to several teens who, to be honest, are struggling with school. There are always excuses ... you know the ones. However, there is some serious merit to some of them. Staying focused in high school was tough on me... and I was home schooled. I heard of my friends who were sleeping around, doing drugs, trying pills, experimenting, etc. While these are still a factor, I feel like the knowledge of these actions is more prominent now. Teens know. They've heard the lectures, seen the commercials, even witnessed it first hand. Still, history repeats itself. Why?

There is great knowledge today. We as a world, have learned SO many things just in my short life-time.  Politics have started seeping down to the younger voters, diseases are being wiped out, technology is progressively evolving at a rate that out dates my "new" phone from 4 months ago. We have learned so much. It's mind-boggling. 

Since this is fact, why have we not started climbing in the educational comparisons of other countries? Why has the divorce rate gone up 2% in the last decade? Why do we allow politicians to run our lives, instead of us choosing the help lead our country? Why are once illegal drugs, being legalized to an extent that those who DO NOT NEED THEM, are abusing them? Why is it more expensive to adopt a child than to abort one? Why are fathers and mothers finding it harder and harder to make ends meet? Why?

We have great knowledge! We've got the facts, ma'am. 

I would offer a not-so-new thought process. Knowledge is not Wisdom.

The best illustration I've heard about the comparison is this:
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is not putting tomatoes in a fruit salad.

Isn't that true? We've made such great strides, and yet, we are worse off than ever. We live in an instant gratification society. "I want it now, so I will get it now" to the detriment of our budget. We have become desensitized to wrong... sometimes we even find it comical. But, is it really? Since when did we allow wrong-doing to not be punished, but even worse, be praised? Applauded? 

What should we do to stop this down-ward spiral? Seek wisdom. Wisdom is applying our knowledge in a positive manner. Wisdom. It's a stone's throw away. Proverbs speaks to this perfectly! "The fear of the LORD is the BEGINNING of knowledge." As you learn to fear/honor God, you gain more wisdom. You start seeing the world in a different way. Wisdom is application! Application is key.

Wisdom is right there! How do I know? I have yet to see a tomato fruit salad! 

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