Crazy Cool #TpTQuoteHack

12:08 PM

Over the last few months, I've been getting the TpT products updated, and making my store more appealing to the eye. 
I checked out some coding teachers and their blogs to find out how to update my quote section to have an image! 
You can find their tutorials here and here!

However, if you'd like the cliff-notes/reader's digest version, just follow the steps below!

1. Decide on a design. My design was a quick one I designed in Microsoft Powerpoint with Edu-clips Author Clip art! Layout your page as 3.5 by 1.5 landscape. 
***If you would like to make your image look like it is part of TpT, you need to format the background to gray #f1f1f1 OR just cut and paste this image 

2.You need to download your image to the internet. You can put it on Pinterest, Photobucket, or even your blog. It just has to be on the internet so it gets a URL. 

3. Find your image on wherever you dropped it, right click. Click Copy Link Address. 

4. I would suggest pasting your link into the new coding below into a word document to make sure it's correct. 
***Beware: you may need to shorten your original link (to less than 120 characters to fit the personal quote requirements ... you can use to shorten image into a new link.)  
5. Go to your Account>Store Profile>Edit. 
6. On your personal quote area, paste your link.
Hit Save and you are on your way!

I hope this helps you get more teachers into your shop! Merry Christmas!

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