Good, Better, Best

8:32 AM

"Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest ... Until the good is better, and until the better is best!"
I love this saying. I don't have clue who is the original sayer of it is, but I do like it. I think we (parents, teachers, administrators, etc.) put such an emphasis on "practice makes perfect" that we don't realize that "perfection" is actually unobtainable.

If you don't know me, or are new to this blog here are somethings you should know:
1. I am a Christian, through and through. I screw up because I'm not God. Did you hear that? I'm. Not. God. I do not have His perfection in my ability, but I do have a clean slate whenever I come clean to Him about my flaws. Oh, and No ... I don't have a problem with the Starbucks Red Cups ... Ha. Me and my Frapp are getting along just peachy over here ;) #IDoNotKnowAnyChristiansWhoAreUpsetOverTheRedCups.

2. I'm a straight up nerd. I love all things books and geeky. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Cooking Shows (you name it - I will watch it), and books that become movies! I mean, really. Some movies can do justice to the book (Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, etc.) while others just #Fail (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Narnia, etc.) Actually, the books don't have to become movies ... but I think it's cool to see another person's vision of a book that I immersed myself in.

3. I married my best friend. That is all. Don't get married to just anyone one that you love romantically. Marry the person you would want in the trenches of life with you, because there will be days when you feel like the world is at war with your life. Marry. Your. Best. Friend.

4. I'm a crafting nut-job. I think I've ALWAYS been this way (I claim to have come up with a TON of the tech that is now on the market. Of course, my versions were made out of paper and were recyclable). Right now I'm thrifting up some diaper boxes with new fabric that will be "drawers" in our entertainment center! I'm making scarves and socks for gifts for Christmas. Oh, and I love making stuff for teaching ... even though I've been promoted to full-time-stay-at-home-mommie. Ah. It's just great to get artsy.

5. I'm a drug addict. That is if you count Benedryl as a drug and Pinterest as an addiction. Yes, I'm one of "THOSE" people your parents warn you about. I have a following of a few hundred poor souls on Pinterest. That is odd. Basically, I think of it this way ... I have people who think that I'm good at stealing ideas from other people. Oh, bless.

6. I was home-schooled K-12, and LOVED it. My mother was a task master. We had a schedule (although it became more and more "flexible" the older we got), we had assignments, and I rocked the ACT to prove my mother's awesome teaching skills. So, let me answer those questions that are floating in your head:
Yes. Yes, I had friends.
Yes, I learned to play 3 instruments with 60+ other kids.
Yes, I played sports (not well, but I played) - gymnastics, softball, soccer, and basketball.
Yes, I was sheltered from a lot of the evil we experience daily as adults.
Yes, I had a boyfriend in high school.
Yes, I went to a great University (Lipscomb ... what what!).
Oh, and Yes, We avoided the Amish, Denim dresses like the plague.
Yes, I do plan on home-schooling my kid(s).

So, I feel like my life is kind of like the saying, "Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest ... Until the good is better, and until the better is best!"
Think about it. It doesn't call for a cookie-cutter perfection. It calls for your best. Your best and my best may be different, and that is A-OK. Instead of being called to compare ourselves to others, we should compare ourselves from where we've been to where we are, and where we want to be.

Let me encourage you - Stop trying to match your peer, or mandated requirements. Do you best. Strive for perfection, but not to the expense of your sanity. Do what we tell our kids when they are worried ... Just do your best!

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