Creation Stations

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I did not coin this title, but I have borrowed it and I'm running with it. A few years back by district made the dumbest decision to cut time for science and social studies out of the school day. *Genius.
Well, my team and I felt a little worried about that concept since my principal still wanted to have these core subjects. He should be the leader to teachers everywhere. He's awesome ... with a dry sense of humor ... but awesome, none the less ...
Anyways, I digress.
That year, we as a school had to get creative with how we integrated science and social studies. It was really difficult to hit all of the reading/langue/writing standards as it is. Now we had to add science and social studies... whew.
That year was one of the most difficult years, but also one of the most rewarding. Everyone had a niche that they used to help the team as a whole. I always joked that my niche wasn't teaching ... it was creating!
We worked hard to create reading plans, writing plans, and STATIONS that had to do with science and social studies. Well, actually, my team would tell me what we were teaching and say, "ready, set, make!" Oh, and did I mention we would plan in 2 teams (Math and Reading) on Monday, meet as a full team (all 9 of us) on Tuesday to go over said plans, make tweaks on Tuesday night, and then have all our copy needs in the copy box on Wednesday morning (our designated copy day.) Whew! It was crazy. So, basically, I would get about 36 hours to come up with a project, create it with kid friendly directions and pictures, and get it in the box to be copied. I was really pushed to my limit, but I LOVED doing this.
Now, WHY would I do this? Once again, you know the need we have to be creative with our time. Basically, I then turned these around, cutesied them up, and now they are on TpT.
***Some of them are even FREE!
 Here's how they work:
1. Pick out your science or social studies concept.
2. Print out the full color instructions (with illustrations to help your students become more independent with their work).
3. Collect needed materials (typically construction paper, crayons, glue, scissors, and a pencil)
4. Cut out any templates.
5. Let the kids go!!!

That's it. Don't believe me ... check out the best selling one HERE!

I hope that you find this helpful. Do you have an idea for another Creation Station? Shoot me a line at! If I can, I'll make it for you for free and then post it to my store for other teachers to enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

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