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9:10 AM

Do you ever feel like your voice isn't heard? I mean, beyond the students who are distracted or kids being loud. Many days I feel quite insignificant. This is NOT a pity post. It's just a reality for me. Some days I just don't see myself making an impact.
It's been over a year since we had my little love, Crosby. I don't know how much I've written about the traumatic birth, but I'm not going to go into it. Let's just say, if it could go wrong ... it pretty much did. I went into postpartum depression ... massively. I felt like a true failure at something that I had seen as easy. I had wished that I wasn't a mom, but rather JUST a teacher. Even now, some days I wish I was impacting more people ... more kids. Now, before I am thoroughly judged by non-parents, or comforted by parents ... this is not a "woe-is-me" post. This is just a thought that I struggle with. This hit me in April of this year. I went from being the bread-winner to a stay-at-home-mommie. CULTURE SHOCK!
After I began showering more consistently and getting more than 3 hours of consecutive sleep, I began looking at the budget.
***For those who don't know - I resigned from teaching to raise my kiddo at home. Did I mention, my hubby didn't have a full-time job? Yea .... ***
Out of shear need, I began working on teacher resources. I LOVE teaching. I don't see what a lot of people see. I had a tough career ... but so do nurses. No complaints here. I got to do something that very few are willing to do. I got to help mold the future of our country. Awesome!
But, now ... I was home .... All. The. Time. It was good to be able to just wear sweat pants and no make-up. It was great to be able to curl up with Crosby and nap on the couch. It was great ... but after a whole, I wanted more. I had all of these ideas for teaching, with no classroom to use them in.
Ding Ding! Create it and see who you can help!
I did.
I went onto TpT and looked up people who were needing specific items made. I created so many products for people around the world. It was SOOOO cool. I just adore some of my new friends in New Zealand! Anyways ...
Since April I created a site, Facebook page, Pinterest group, Wix blog, and email address. Whew. It's been so much fun. I started as a TpT seller in the top 50% globally. Not shabby. However, since then, For The Teacher has jumped ... to the top 3% globally. What?!
All I can say is, thank you. I love this! I love helping make an impact in your life and classroom!

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