New Business

10:57 AM

So, it's happened. I have gotten bored. It only took 7 months with my baby at home ;) Sheesh. I need to get my creative juices flowing again. I was trying to think of a new way to make some extra money for our family. I looked into It Works!, Mary Kay, and BeautiControl. None of them really suited me. So, what do you do? Make more products for TpT? Well, that'd be great, if I taught daily and could think up things that would be needed by teachers... then 
An amazing thought. Ask teachers what they need! That's right ... I am making stuff for free to teachers who give a new idea (no... I will not be recreating anything that I already have.) Basically - you the teacher, come up with something you need/want for your classroom. You check out my store to see if I've made that product ... if I haven't, message me Here! All the details are at the top of the page. Follow those, and you are on your way to a custom product! You get to keep it, share it, and use it as much as you want for FREE!!!!! I get to put it into my store! It's a win-win! Like the page to see freebies and newer products before anyone else! 

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