SALE!!! and a few new things ....

1:13 PM

Here is a quick SALE for you on!!!       

Are you looking for help in reading? What better way to practice skills like cause/effect, comparing and contrasting, story elements, opinions, etc. than with a series of books that your kids already LOVE? Below are some of my newer book studies! They aren't in a bundle yet (I'm waiting until I get 10 in all :) and it may be a while until they are! These are great resources with little to no prep ... all you need are books from the author! (Or, if you are like me and don't want to take time to do that, send your kids to the school library with one of the pages in the set (that have pictures of the book covers). Then THEY can practice finding books by specific authors! Oooooo...... aaahhhhhhhhh.
Just click on the link below to go to my store. Look for the section with Author and Book Studies

 Still not sure you want one? That's A-OK. Here's the preview from my Eric Carle set.

***Note: each set is a little different in the number of pages, style, and thinking maps/graphic organizers.

I'd wait to buy ANYTHING until the sale! Happy Tuesday!

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