Interactive Notebooks

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Can I just say, I have been using these forever, but I never called them this?! I know! Apparently, this is the new fad in teaching ... and I LOVE it! 
Now, my husband has recently started teaching in elementary school after teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade over the last 5 years. The transition has been more difficult than I think he imagined it to be. He is on a team with 9 other people, and guess what ... they DON'T plan together. That is just ... well, I'll get off of that soap box.
Needless to say, he needed some good tools for teaching EVERY subject. So, because he is so wonderful for our family ... and I like creating stuff, I made a 3rd grade RL Interactive Reading Notebook. I know! I had a blast making it! If you would like to get it from my TpT click on Interactive Reading Notebook!

Here is what you get in it! I know ... my TpT doesn't show all of these images. That's the perk for reading my blog:) Enjoy!

Now, there are 2 different covers - one for boys, and the other for girls. Then, there are Table of Content strips. I HIGHLY recommend using these. It helps the kids to be able to reference their work when they get stuck! I always put the page number (which the kids should do when they are setting up their notebook) and the title of the page.

 Each concept is based on a CCSS skill. Each has a title strip with the standard listed on it! Most skills have an element of assessment/teaching/practice in it. All concepts have mini posters for the students' notebooks that MATCH your mini posters for the classroom (8 1/2 x 11)!

Each concept should be taught with your own lessons, but this can help guide your instruction.

 Some concepts have questions to be answered that are based on Blooms Taxonomy. These questions should be TAUGHT!

Unfortunately, my computer was out of colored ink. I proceeded to print these out and color them in with markers. I think they still came out looking pretty nice!

There are examples in most of the concepts for students to have on hand when they need the information!

 These concepts can also be used for more than one book! My husband reused the same question pages for Several different books! It helped solidify understanding!

With the Visualization concept, my hubby used different poems to help the kids to get pictures based on a difficult text.

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