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Hey y'all,
I'm finally back after a rather long hiatus! The last time I posted I was telling you I was pregnant! Well, that kiddo has been blessing my house now for over 5 months! Crazy, right? Here' what my family looks like now!

Also since my last post, a LOT has changed. Let me give you the condensed back story. Basically, my husband resigned from his middle school teaching position, but at this private school, they didn't offer insurance. We had decided before we got married that I would get to stay home with the kids! Well, God has a way of making you grow through struggle. Needless to say, 2014 was our hardest year. Kevin took on 2 part-time jobs while looking for a full time. He went to several interviews (one of which I got to sit in on), but none of them were a good fit. I was put on bed rest 6 teaching days into the new year, and if I left my job (as I had planned to do) we would have ZERO insurance bringing baby into the world. Talk about STRESS! After Crosby was born, I made the decision (yes, me ... not my hubby. Quick note: he had asked to quit a job 3 months into our marriage because he didn't feel God's glory in the situation... sooooo, we made a pact: if either of us, with lots of prayer, felt called by God to change something, the other had to step out of God's way) to not return to school. My effective resignation would be October 13, 2014. We jumped out on faith and put our money where our God was. Once again ... stress. Now we have a new baby, a mommy who is on anti-depressants due to a traumatic labor (37hours of induced labor at 41 weeks. Got to start pushing. Baby needed an emergency c-section, another woman was beating on the OR doors for help because her cord had fallen out, only 1 OB on call at the time, rushed double conversations about me AND the other woman, meds not taking to my chemistry, and waking up to find that the other woman had lost her baby while mine was being born.), a father who is desperately looking for a job, and no leads. However, let me just say, God is THE God of perfect timing. October 13, 2014 - the day my resignation took effect, Kevin was called in for an interview, and he was hired ON-THE-SPOT. That doesn't happen. God's glory be shown!

So, now we are a family of 4 (we include our dog Bruno :), living on 1 teaching salary. It's not easy, but it's ideal. So, with that being said, I have created MORE products that will be listed over the next several days. Also, I got to help my hubs set up his classroom! 

Let me just say, I am NOT the best in teaching academics (I mean, I feel as though I can ALWAYS do better), but I will humbly say that everyone has a niche... mine is classroom management! So you'll be seeing some of those tips coming up as well!

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks sooooo much for all of patience. 
Love you all!

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