New Day, New Year

5:24 PM

So, I'm back at school - well, not really. I'm offsite at an in-service! What can you do? I'd rather be in my classroom setting things up, but honestly, I'm not sure what else I can physically do. If you didn't know, I am VERY prego. I am 29 days away from welcoming my little kiddo into the world and setting up a classroom isn't my fave thing. Anyways. I'm thrilled with my team and the strides we made last year. We are all a little anxious about the new year since we have new text level assessments, schedules, principal, and requirements. Eh, this is the life of a teacher!
So, anyways - I have a few new things on TpT to help you on your way ...

Teacher Binder 2014-2015 - Chevron                        Morning Work Write and Wipe Practice

First Day Penates Freebie!!!      

             Classroom Coupons

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