Writing Workshop CUPS

6:44 AM

So, this is a simple thing that I've been implementing for 7 years in my classrooms (4th and 2nd grade). I thought it was so easy that EVERYONE had to be using it. However, one of my friends at school saw my room and asked about this. Honestly, it's a GREAT way to keep the kids aware of what is expected for each sentence. It's as simple as C.U.P.S.

C.U.P.S is an editing/revising activity to help children who are learning to write sentences or paragraphs.
Basically, you create a visual (CUPS) that is a good "anchor" for kids who struggle with the writing mechanics. Each CUP has a letter and an explanation of its purpose.

 I usually have my kids write C.U.P.S. at the top of their drafts and then put check marks next to what they checked for! They LOVE it! It has also been VERY beneficial to my low writers! Enjoy!

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