Professional Training: SIOP

6:36 AM

Can I just say, PDs are not always fun. Inf fact, I usually feel like they are a waste of my time. But, I was proven WRONG with this training we had back in February.
SIOP is a method of planning. Each lesson needs to cove 8 different aspects. You NEED to get this book to really get a good grasp of the method!

There are 8 components. We were paired up with one other teacher (I had a team member and we are both prego) and we were told to create a poster around our component. 
Since we are prego, we BOTH were thinking about food! We did Lesson Prep!
 All of the components are written out in the book. But we, really went deep into the meaning and methodology.
The components are:

  • Lesson Prep
  • Building Background
  • Comprehensible Input
  • Strategies
  • Interaction
  • Practice and Application
  • Lesson Delivery
  • Review and Assessment

Our team (there were 5/9 team teachers at this training) learned a ton and began implementing what we learned the NEXT day. I have to tell you, I'm a FIRM believer in SIOP! If you get the chance to go to a training on the, DO IT!

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