Needs/Wants, Popcorn, and a Game of Toss!

6:13 PM

So, economics. We always start star with needs and wants. One of my team mates has this REALLY cool sort with over 50 cards that the kids have to sort and debate as either a need or want. It's very interesting to hear their discussion. It's great for Common Core. I have them sort the cards as table groups first. If they disagree, they wait for the teacher to come and help them figure it out. When they finish, the kiddos start to glue them down .... then the same cards are used for Quiz, Quiz, Trade (Kagan Strategies). It is soooo good to have the reinforcement! This is what the sorting looks like in my room! Enjoy!

Now, this little beauty was made because I didn't quite understand what my team wanted to do in reading, so I created this in like 10 minutes. Now, let me explain. We are working on identifying different elements in particular folklore. In this lesson (as you can probably tell), we were reviewing elements in a fairy tale! I made paper balls and the kids were sorted into teams. The teams came to line and threw the ball after hearing which fairy tale they would be reviewing (our choices were Jack and the Bean Stalk, Waynetta and the Corn Stalk, Cinderella, Rough Face Girl, etc.)The first kid to hit a section on the poster had to answer the question of the element. If they couldn't answer than the other 2 kids can steal! It's really fun! The kids have been BEGGING to repeat it! 

 Adjectives. Let's describe a noun! It'll be great. Each kid was given a piece of "popcorn" with a noun on it (popcorn, skittles, chocolate, shirt, computer, basketball, etc.) They had to come up with at least 5 adjectives! The kids did a REALLY good job and seemed to really like this activity! It also makes for a CUTE anchor chart! I did create another chart later, but this one is too cute!
I hope that you got some cool ideas! Feel free to use them and enjoy! Work smarter, not harder!

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