How Do You Manage?

7:27 AM

Alright. I have been emailed and asked to post on my management skills/concepts. First, let me give you a little background. I'm strict. I'm not angry, I'm not mean, I have high expectations because these kids can meet them! I was home-schooled k-12. People always find this as a funny fact. I'm odd, but not the stereotypical "odd" that accompanies many home-schooled kids. Yes, there is a stigma to this label, but I really don't mind it. I was VERY blessed to be able to learn from my mom. I did the typical stuff that every other kid does - band, piano, basketball, gymnastics, baseball, soccer, musicals, mission trips to foreign countries, and yes, I had friends:)
Now, with this background, I was raised with high expectations. Not impossible, but high. This is why I expect it from my kids. They can do it!
So, here are some of my management techniques.

Left Picture: This is my daily five. Every day the kids come in and collect 4 cards from their color group and place them into the pocket chart. Then the kiddos are ready to go for reading station time!

Right Picture: This is my AR reminder. I have all of my kids doing AR and I ran out of stickers! I know ... crazy. So, instead, I have their names posted on the color they are reading. I have SEVERAL kids who say "I don't know" when asked what color they need to be reading. This takes the guessing and time out of it!

Left Picture: This is my job page. It was a new thing I tried this year.  The kids REALLY like it. I like it because it is small and fits next to my desk. The kids get to pick out a new job every week!

Right Picture: At the end of each day, the kids bring their punch cards (free from vista print [+shipping]). Each color on our clip chart has a quantity of punches -- Green = 1 punch, Blue = 2 punches, Purple = 3 punches, and Pink = 4 punches. Then the kids can use their filled punch cards (they are "filled" when there are 15-20 punches) to buy a coupon from my coupon box! Each coupon has a different price as well - these range from 1 filled punch card to 10 filled punch cards. The kids LOVE it!

Left Picture: Okay, I have a ton of kids who DO NOT write their names on their papers and then can't figure out if the nameless paper is theirs or not :( So, I made this poster that sits next to my "turn in" basket. All you need is to put the poster up and put a few highlighters in a cup. The kids LOVE this!

Right Picture: At our school, our kids have badges/IDs that are their lunch and library card! The kids are supposed to wear them all day, but leave them at school. I mean, duh! These are little kids! So, this is my way of keeping up with their name tags. I have a pocket chart on my door with their class number. This also helps me with attendance! It's great! Highly recommended!

Left Picture: Specials. I don't know how your school does it, but because we are such a large elementary [850ish], we have to schedule our specials by every 9 weeks. This is why I do my specials calendar on a piece of paper and not something more permanent. The clip is great! The kids LOVE it!

Right Picture: AR point organizer. I have a group of kids that don't keep up with their points very well, so making a points goal doesn't work well. So, I created this poster to help them keep up with their points. I update it once a week! Also, some kids DO know how to check their points and thus, tell me when they need another sticker!

I hope that you enjoy this and you found something new that you could use!

Have a great day!


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