Character Day

5:57 PM

What does the Fox Say? Oh wait, no .... that was Christmas. 
Fox in Socks, Fox in Box, Fox with Clocks, and Fox with Blocks! 
Thank you Dr. Seuss for the fun characters for our team! We LOVED it!
 Back Row. Left - Right: Alison, Anna, Ashley, Whitney, Shawna, Catherine, Christine. Front Row. Left - Right: Claire and ME! Please note the Prego tummies on Alison and I.
The Fashionable "Cat in the Hat" and me!  Then there are the Kids from the Magic School Bus!

Then all of my Disney .... Elsa, Ariel, and Disney Fairy.

Then there was Two-Face (who he said was "half"-face:)), Spiderman, Spongebob, and a Ninja!

It was a GREAT Character Day!!!!

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