Thanksgiving ... a little late :|

8:58 PM

So, what do you do right before Thanksgiving break? We have "Friends-giving!" Unfortunately, we are missing 3 team members from the pic. :(
Left to Right: Catherine, Me, Melissa, Alison, Ana, and Shawna!
Yes, we had a slight feast before school began that day!

 Then .... JA (Junior Achievement) came - Basically, they talked about our community, government, economics, and jobs. The kids enjoyed it!

We then learned about how the Wapanoag Indians helped the Pilgrims learn how to grow crops. We then "grew" our own crop of corn.
Materials: Pudding cup = soil, candy corn = corn seed, swedish fish = fertilizer fish, Oreo = top soil

Oh my word ... they LOVED it!

 We also published our Thanksgiving persuasive turkeys! 

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