On the first day of December ....

7:44 PM

It's that time again! Bell ringing, snow falling, trees being lit, candles in the windows, stocking on the mantle, and all of the music - ah, it's Christmas time! Woo hoo! I've been a nerd, searching for CCSS aligned games to review what we have been learning in our classroom this year, However, if you know me, I'm in it for a good deal. My theory right now is that no one really knows EXACTLY what I need/want, so I may as well make it myself! 
When I was littler, my family use to sing the twelve days of Christmas religiously! My mom had a hand painted set with each day illustrated and written on each cup. When we got older, we got to pick out a cup that would be our cup forever! I'm from a family of 6, so even when we got married, our new spouses get a CUP! Dad = 12 Lords a Leaping, Mom = 6 Geese a Laying, Megan = 8 Maid of Milking, Josh = 9 Drummers Drumming, I am =11 Ladies Dancing, and Mary = 5 Golden Rings! Meg's spouse got the last manly cup and Kevin (my hubby) received 2 turtle doves. Yes, I am giggling.

Well, I was inspired to create a unit for my classroom based on my nostalgia! It is based on common core's standards for 1st and 2nd grade! 

  1. Plural Nouns
  2. Common/Proper Nouns
  3. Noun or Verb?
  4. Action and Linking Verb
  5. Past/Present/Future Tense of Verbs (Irregular included)
  6. Contractions
  7. Compound Words
  8. Antonyms
  9. Synonyms
  10. Subject-Verb Agreement
  11. Complete/Incomplete Sentences
  12. Commas in Greetings and Closings of Letters

I'm SO excited, and I just can't hide it! Here it is! I hope that you guys have had a GREAT Thanksgiving break! Now, Monday is on its way .... Bring it on!!!!

If Monday were a .......

Love you all!

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